Achilles Argos combo amp Achilles Argos combo amp 2
As. new condition As experienced players will know and understand, an open back combo delivers an entirely different playing experience to a head/cab configuration – if you’re after more midrange bark, less low end “whump” and a more open tone, then an Achillies Argos combo could be for you. In fact, due to the open cab, there is actually a little more...
Magnatone Twilighter Stereo... Magnatone Twilighter Stereo... 2
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Perfect condition. For three-dimensional guitar tone it's hard to beat the sound of true stereo vibrato and tremolo, and that's exactly what the Magnatone Twilight Stereo combo amplifier offers. It's based on the authentic Magnatone varistor vibrato circuit — often imitated but never yet duplicated. Driving a pair of custom 12" speakers with 22 watts of...
Mesa Boogie F50 Combo
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Mesa Boogie F50 Combo

Excellent condition. Imported amp, comes with step down transformer. Based on Mesa Boogie's Dual Caliber and Studio lines, the F Series is built on a fixed bias schematic for more consistent performance. Features: 12" C90 speaker, 6L6 and 12AX7 vacuum tubes, dual channel design with independent controls, spring reverb tank, three-band EQ
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